Saturday, October 31, 2009

Caring for The Metaphysical Rabbit

We know our rabbits are energetic in the physical sense But are you aware that, like all of nature's creatures, your rabbit is both a physical and an energetic being? The energetic care you offer your companion rabbit is every bit as important as the physical care you provide. What follows is advice on this subject from The Great Rabbit Spirit.

Check your negative energy at the door! Rabbits are very sensitive to their human's moods ... and the deeper your bond with an individual rabbit the more this is true. Some native cultures hang a bag near the entry to their dwelling. The bag provides both a place to symbolically deposit the cares of the day (anger, fear, stress, worry, etc.) before entering the sanctuary of the home and, equally important, a visual reminder to do so. Encourage your family to try this and notice how it affects all members of your household. Often, by simply leaving our cares at the door overnight we will decide there is no real need to retrieve them in the morning.

Be aware of the outside energy you invite into your home. How often have you heard someone say after a romantic breakup, "You know, my dog/cat never liked him/her." Animals - including companion rabbits - are excellent judges of inner character. We all know people who light up the room just by entering it - and others who light it up when they leave. If your rabbit is visbly upset by a visitor to your home - especially if this happens consistently - at least pause to consider how that person makes you feel. With my own rabbits I have recognized a definite correlation between the guests they seek attention from and those who leave me feeling "energized."

Nurture yourself. It is not selfish to take care of your own needs (and even pamper yourself). In fact, you should take at least a few minutes every day to do something just for yourself. It can be as spiritual as yoga, meditation, or prayer ... or as indulgent as a hairdresser appointment, a massage, soaking in a bubblebath or just eating your favorite ice cream (mine is chocolate flake fromage from a local business, Murray's Ice Cream and Cookies). If you like books (as I do), one day you may choose to read for inspiration and enlightenment; the next day you may choose to read a trashy novel or irreverant essay as a means of escape. There is value in all of these activities, provided of course that they give you pleasure. Remember, anything that improves either the quality or quantity of your energy will also benefit your rabbit.

Be aware of noise pollution. Although rabbits are not as quiet as some people think (noisy toys, 3:30 a.m.), they do prefer a quiet environment. Take time each day to share the quiet with your rabbit. Turn off all external sources of sound (TV, stero, phones, computer, etc.) and really listen to your rabbit play or munch his favorite food. If you do this you will learn to identify the sound of each individual rabbit's hop, as well as the difference between chewing hay, pellets, a favorite toy, and a forbidden object. What is your favorite bunny sound? Mine is listening to Mithril lap water from his bowl.

Be yourself. If you've ever tried to tell your rabbit what to do, you may have noticed that a digger will keep digging, a climber will find his way to a higher place, and a bunny with Houdini tendencies will continue to appear where he is "not supposed to be." Rabbits view obstacles as challenges and can be quite resourceful and persistent about overcoming them. Humans could learn much from watching how their bunny adapts to both road blocks and true adversity.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Introduction to The Great Rabbit Spirit

Rabbits have always been an important part of my life. When other little girls were playing with baby dolls, I was dressing my Steiff rabbits up in doll clothes. Should have been a clue to my parents …

My first encounter with The Great Rabbit Spirit came at age five. When I was very sick with the measles, my father found a wild baby rabbit trapped in our window well and brought it in to show his daughter. Itch, as he would be named, shared our home for the next four years.

It would be many years before my next close encounter with The Great Rabbit Spirit. In the 1980's and 1990's I returned to rabbits, but my focus was on the physical rabbit. During that time I adopted my first (outdoor) rabbit, was introduced to the concept of "house rabbits", and volunteered with a local rescue group. When I realized I was not well suited to work in rescue, I wrote Rabbit Health 101 which soon became Rabbit Health in the 21st Century. The first edition sounded like I had all the answers. With the 2nd edition, I realized there were no "one size fits all" answers. And today, as I am working on the 3rd edition not only do I know I don't have all the answers ... I'm not even I know the right questions!

Although I would not realize it at the time, the moment I first saw Murray was the beginning of my introduction to The Metaphysical Rabbit. I had the honor of sharing my home with and caring for this special soul for almost five years. During that time he was my companion, teacher, and soulmate, and his life and death inspired King Murray's Royal Tail. Amazingly, HRH King Murray has become an even stronger influence in my life since his departure from his beautiful gray bunny-body in 2003, serving as my Spirit Guide, inspiration, and mentor.

In 2008 I was offered the opportunity to co-author When Your Rabbit Needs Special Care with Lucile Moore. In writing about alternative treatment options, I became more closely attuned with The Metaphysical Rabbit. Since then, The Metaphysical Rabbit has taken charge of my writing through stories for the book Touched by a Rabbit and this blog.

Note: A special thanks to Jennie Habernal for coming up with the title for this blog!